What is a Rideonecar

Who is a retail buyer?

Retail buyer is any customer who buys goods for himself and not for resale. Retail buyer can have a discount when purchasing multiple items


What are the different methods of payment?
There are two available methods of payment; you can either pay by credit card or by PayPal service.
Is my payment secure?
Yes, our site and payment system is 100% secure. We have chosen a company, which provides the online payment system for all our websites, so we are confident that all transactions are secure.
Is there a minimum order amount?
There is no a minimum order amount to use the dropshipment service.


Who sends out the orders?
Delivery to the final client is ensured by Rideonecar.com The retailer is not involved in the delivery of goods.
How long does delivery take?
Once the retailer has settled the payment with Rideonecar.com, the client will receive their order within 2-5 days.
How do I know when my order is dispatched?
When you place an order you get an email confirmation, we also send one when your order goes down for packing. At the end of each day we ship all the orders dispatched that day, which automatically updates your account and sends you an email.
How long will my customer have to wait for their delivery?
Delivery times vary depending on the customers’ location. The average delivery time to US or Canada is 2-5 working days from dispatch. So allow your order to be processed the average time – that is from the time you place it and to it’s arriving to your customers. Approximately it is 2 – 8 working days. For trucking number please go to My account then Sales History . Please note during the busiest times of year including Christmas, delivery times may take longer as delivery companies tend to have to deal with larger demand for their services. If possible we will make you aware of any cut off times to ensure delivery takes place in time. We do recommend you setting expectations with your customers for these busier times as well.
Is it possible to obtain a list of products and the delivery charges for each product?
It is possible – in agreement with your commercial agent – to provide you with a csv file with all our products, their availability and the standard delivery cost per unit.
Is it necessary to check delivery state?
Yes, check your tracking numbers all the time. A lot of returns happen because of the fact that customers are not at home. FedEx brings the goods only three times to the customer’s door, and then sends back. In this case FedEx takes an extra money for it. We will have to charge you and, if you are our drop shipper, you must charge your customer. Or the other way you have to monitor tracking numbers and communicate with the client if he’s not home.

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